Wednesday, May 17, 2017

From Florida to Wyoming, Caught in a Wyoming Blizard

I look out the window and watch the snow as the thirty mile per hour winds blow it parallel to the ground. The fifth wheel shakes, even though our stabilizers are down, and of course the dog needs to go outside.
At least we are camped in a spot with electricity and water and that’s great as our solar panel system is covered with snow. We are here for at least two more days, welcome home to Wyoming!
It hardly seems possible that we were wading in the Gulf, with a hot Florida breeze blowing across the Island at Bunces Pass. Leaving Florida, we flew back to Houston where we picked up our truck. The next day we hooked up the fifth wheel and headed northwest across Texas.
Two driving days of three hundred miles each, found us in Amarillo where we took a break. We don’t drive the distances we once did and now drive two days before taking a two-night rest in a camping spot. Of course Amarillo has a rock shop, and we managed to buy some excellent bright green Wyoming jade.
From there we drove first to Seibert, Colorado and then to Cheyenne. We try to stay at Passport America discount parks as the participating parks offer a fifty percent discount. Renita suggested a bypass around Denver and while the road was not the best we avoided all the heavy traffic.
Two days of travel meant we would stay for two days in Cheyenne. There we celebrated Mother’s Day by eating out at a Red Lobster, (lol, we just can’t get enough seafood). A winter storm was approaching and so we left on Tuesday trying to beat the storm as we drove over the highest pass on Interstate 80, (The town of Buford is located there, and it is expected to receive twelve to twenty four inches of snow with sixty+ mph winds).
Lucky us, we had a strong west wind and so we didn’t have any danger of blowing over. Winds of over forty miles an hour plus make for dangerous driving in a high profile vehicle and we try to avoid driving when the wind reaches thirty. Wyoming does have a new online road conditions map and we safely made it to Rock Springs.

So we sit here and hopefully the storm will quickly pass over. The forecast is for temperatures next week that will reach the seventies. One can only hope? Clear skies


  1. Long drives and bad weather we feel your pain. We are in Helena with winds, rain and snow above 4500 feet. Travel safe. Your blog did not update on our blog list. Did you just post it?

  2. Finally stopped snowing this morning. Published the blog the afternoon of the 17th. Don't know why it didn't update. Stay warm and travel safe.