Thursday, January 10, 2019

Back to Texas, With a Fun Stop on Grand Isle

We left Florida with a last goodbye to Jen and Eric. Thank you Jen and Eric for the wonderful time!The first days’ drive was to Crestview, Florida, where we spent the night at a motel. Crestview was just west of the hurricane damaged area from Hurricane Michael and the hotels were all open.
The next day we made the drive to Grand Isle. Louisiana and this time Connie and Gary were there! They greeted us with a shrimp boil and as usual it was great! The wind blew, and it rained heavy for the first two days but that was fine, and we spent the time catching up, taking turns cooking and lots of fine food, especially the desserts!
The first two days were also cold and windy, but we still made it out to Elmer’s island and a beach walk. Renita found several nice shells and Gary and I found a set of deer tracks. The biologist said she thought they were feral hog tracks, but I showed her images from the internet and she agreed with our identification, (there are no deer on Grand Isle).
The weather cleared on Saturday and the waves calmed down so Gary offered to take us on a boat ride. Traveling to several different islands I made the mistake of stepping off the boat into a muddy spot and sank to my knees. Gary kindly gave me a hand and pulled me out!
We also stopped to look for glass and fossils and hit the bonanza, partially filling a bucket with pottery pieces, glass shards, and lots of fossil bones and teeth. I posted an image of our finds and of course a person asked where we found them. I made the mistake once before, of sharing a location of a find and will never make that mistake again!
The next day we left for Texas, stopping for a long lunch at our favorite Cajun restaurant in Layfette. It was packed, and it took us two hours to get served and eat, but it was well worth it.
We latter paid for time lost at lunch by arriving late for the Ferry to Galveston, and after a traffic jam at the loading pier, made our first crossing at night,(the above image is the Galveston Coast Guard Station and the lower one of a ferry).
As it was Sunday, we didn’t have any problems finding a cheap motel room and this one even had a balcony that looked out on the Gulf, (we almost never make reservations). It also looked out on a couple of fast food places, but we still had a nice Gulf view!
The final day was a short drive of only four hours to our winter home/rv, which is parked in Fulton, Texas Now we are busy with sales tax reports, and applying for this year’s summer shows in Wyoming. Our biggest shows of the year are in Cody and Alpine and we look forward to seeing the many friends we have made, along with new ones.  Clear skies

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  1. Interesting post. I see many pieces of jewelry from all the pottery, glass and fossils.