Monday, August 19, 2019

Busy Times in Star Valley, Golfing with Matt

The past few weeks have been a really busy time. One of my goals this summer was to work on my techniques for making better opal triplets and they are finally coming around. One of our new and expensive purchases has been a small of piece of Virgin Valley Opalized Wood. I have finally finished the first piece and it’s a stunner!
We have also spent quite a few days with our son Matt as he and I have started to golf on a regular basis. Our scores were dropping, which is good, so we decided to try golfing at Cedar Creek Golf Course. It’s a beautiful course nestled between houses and lined with trees and unforgiving rough.
I ended up losing a record number of golf balls, eight putted a green that was designed by Satan, (the first four putts went up the hill and then rolled back down past where I was standing), and set a record high score! Suffice it to say that we do plan on golfing there again, as it’s a beautiful course right at the foot of the mountains. The score is secondary.
The sunsets here have been spectacular, which is pretty typical this time of year. With all the western forest fires the clouds colors are brilliant. Luckily there have been no fires near us, and our skies remain smoke free and clear.
We sit out at night and enjoy the cool air as Jupiter and Saturn wheel across the sky. The Milky Way is visible in all its glory and the only downside has been the bright moon which blocked out this year’s Perseid Meteor shower.
We also wanted to share a picture of our fifth wheel that was taken by our neighbor Jo. She took the image before they left for the season and its really an image of why we love Star Valley and have made it our home. Thanks Jo! Clear skies

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