Sunday, February 23, 2020

Valentines Day and A Concert in the Rv Park

Its not that I haven't been taking images/pictures. Its just that our internet service is so poor that I can't retrieve them after I send them as an email. Suffice it to say that Verizon is not a service that I would recommend. I will be happy when I can switch to a better system but until one is available in Star Valley it just won't happen.

We have been extremely busy the last two weeks. Our park held its annual Valentines Day feast. The dinner was cooked by our resident barbecue pit master, Alan and organized by his wife Zita.  They are the activities directors here at Blue Lagoons and are the best we have seen in thirteen years of rving.
The dinner, as all ones here do, started with a prayer before the tables were called up to be served a giant plate of prime rib or chicken. Alan had smoked both in his Traeger grill. They were excellent.
Another night found us gathered together for a free concert by Kevin Motsinger. He is the son of our friends Dale and Delores and he plays a mean guitar and sings many old country western tunes, church songs, and even some of his own works. It was a great concert and we all love it when he is here.Thank you Kevin!
Adding to these days were three days of fishing. The first day fishing Renita, Terry, and I paddled the Sailboat Channel. Its a place where we have had some great days but there were so many people there that the fishing was slow, (Presidents Day).
The next day our fiend John invited us to go fishing at the North Jetty where I caught a pompano, one of the best eating fish there is!  Our friend Terry unintentionally hooked a rare sea turtle but we were able to get it near enough that I was able to carefully unhook it. It swam away and a little later we saw it feeding with no apparent damage.
The third day found us again in John's boat and Terry caught a great black drum on he first cast. A few casts later I hooked a keeper red fish, and we continued to catch more fish but none were in the slot limit. Still it was a fun day, it always is when John takes us out, Thank you John.

So I wish I could show you some more images but I can't even find them in the server or in our sent and received email accounts.The one picture of our friends took half an hour to download and save.
Hopefully things will get better when our account is reset. Clear skies

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  1. Slow internet service sure is a bummer. Ours here in Florida gets slower when all the snowbirds are here then is better when they start to leave.