Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Week of Comet Images and Astrophotography

We have been blessed with clear skies and for the past week Renita and I have been able to take nightly images of the Comet Neowise. We have also taken images of the first crescent moon and parts of the Milky Way Galaxy.
We had problems the nights of the 15th and 16th. Here's the first crescent moon on the 21st,
This is an image of the star field that including Cassiopia and the Androneda Galaxy
The Sagittarius Arm including Scorpio
As I mentioned all the images were taken with our Cannon dslr Camera using the 18-55 mm and the 75-300 mm lens,using the manual focus and the manual mode.  We hope to take lots more!  Clear skies

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  1. Great shoots. Unfortunately it has been cloudy every evening and we still have not seen the comet.