Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Lagoon Arts and Crafts Show, Our First Show

"Its really important to have a business card and have them out for your display. I get most of my orders after the  show." she said, We were being shown around the community center where we would be setting up our display and we had run into another show participant.
So we updated our card and bought some materials at Lowes for our display,(we ended up not using the materials of course), and did a practice set up on using our main room floor as a display surface.
Saturday arrived and of course we couldn't sleep much, or at least I couldn't, I got Renita up early and we arrived at the site a little early, but not to much. Others were already there setting up their booths.
As we set up others came by and looked at our goods and of course they were looking at our pieces. One vendor, a friend even told us that our prices were too low and that people would think that our rocks were cheap fakes from China but the prices she suggested seemed so high to us.
I put out a picture of Renita grinding a cabochon and a display that read, "We saw, grind, and polish our cabochons from the rough and then do the wrapping ourselves", hoping people would read a little about us and understand. Renita even went around to look at other booths and to check their prices and they seemed so expensive.
Nine o'clock arrived and people streamed in. We had a good flow past our booth but it wasn't as crowded as it usually is. It turned out we were competing with a show in Goliad and the Renaissance Fair in Rockport and so the other vendors fretted but we seemed busy.
People stopped and looked and some even took our card. Renita had bought a bunch of cheap silver plated necklaces and we sold a bunch of them. I got rid of a geode slice and we even sold a few of our pieces, enough to make a profit for the day! That with our presales  made it a good day as we had yet to pay for an order of silver wire that would soon be arriving in the mail.
The people thinned out in the afternoon and it seemed the few that stopped by were mostly interested in meeting us and talking about their own rock hounding. Contacts are important. Many of our friends stopped by, even our mentor Dick.  He was wearing a bolo tie of translucent petrified palm wood that he had made this morning and of course it glowed, as all his pieces do.
I even got a chance to talk to the wire wrapper and rock hound who had inspired us to become ones ourselves, and look at their pieces which included some made of expensive sugalite. Two o'clock arrived and most of the vendors were already packed up and so we filled our bins and I rode a golf cart to the vendors parking lot, retrieving our truck.
We were tired from the show but happy that we had made a profit for the day, and yes we did have post show sales that raised our totals, enough to almost pay for our soon to arrive supply order. We had sold enough that we signed up for the much larger show in February! Clear skies

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