Friday, February 23, 2024

Valentines Day Feast 2024, Thanks Zita and Alan

For the past nine years we have had a feast on Valentines Day. Our activities coordinators Zita and Alan have prepared sumptuous feasts of prime rib and Cornish hens, smoked to perfection! Thie year was perhaps the best yet!
They prepare the meal after careful planning and everyone in the park is invited. Tickets are sold ahead of time to make sure that everyone gets their choice, and the Recreation Hall is always sold out! This year sixty-eight people attended.
Upon entering the door, we were first greeted by our friends Barb and Dan who took great photos of each couple. Dan is an excellent photographer and Barb makes sure all the couples are smiling and sitting in the right spot.
The festivities were started with a prayer and then the tables are called starting with the back row, it alternates each year. This year they first served the small number who requested Cornish Hens and then the rest who chose prime rib. After getting our main dish we next proceeded to the salad table where we had the choice of shrimp cocktails or a lettuce salad. Renita couldn’t eat all of her Cornish and I barely managed to eat my huge slice of outstanding prime rib.
Zita had also prepared a special dessert to sweeten the finish of the meal! Our friend Jane, a master florist arranged the flowers on each table, which we were able to take back to our rv! The decorations were done by volunteers the morning of the party. Sadly, this is the last year Zita and Alan will serve as activities directors. There will never be any better! They are not returning to the park as they have purchased a home and are leaving the full-time rv lifestyle. Words cannot express our gratitude. Clear skies and safe travels! Mark and Renita

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A 2024 Oyster Feed at Blue Lagoons Rv Park

Not everyone likes oysters, so our 2024 oyster party only had fifty-four people sign up for the event. Usually, the party is just for our happy hour group, currently about 28, but this year Zita and Alan bought oysters for everyone.
The first task was to line up enough cleaners and shuckers. We had six. A couple of them had never shucked before, but they quickly caught on! Two people washed the oysters while the shuckers worked carefully! No one was cut as the oysters were opened! Alan and Zity had bought a full sack, which is about 2-300 oysters. Alan estimated that we would split the oysters into two presentations, raw oysters on a half shell and Oysters Rockefeller. I volunteered to cook them. Now the plan was to make two for each person which meant that I would need to make one and cook one hundred and eight! Luckily three sou chefs volunteered to help me.
I was using a new recipe from Allrecipes. It was pretty simply, sauté onions, spinach, and garlic in olive oil and then add spices, three cheeses, ( I used parmesan, feta, and pepper jack). Finally add milk. Then after laying out the oyster in a pan lined with parchment paper and coarse salt fill each tray with rows of raw oysters, (the salt is used to keep the oysters level).
I cooked the filling in a large pan and then transferred the mix to a big bowl where Renita, Laura, and Maureen filled each one with the mixture, (solution, I was a former chemistry teacher). Finally, they were topped with panko bread crumbs. Then I placed each tray in an oven preheated to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The final step was to move the trays every four minutes, (top to bottom of oven), eight minutes total, and then to take them out for serving! My assistants performed superbly, and the oysters turned out great! Thanks to Alan and Zita for the oysters and to my great three volunteers. I could never have prepared them by myself! Thanks for the help!
Bon Appetit and of course clear skies. Ps The Oysters Rockefeller were well received! I will most definitely use this recipe again!

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Blue Lagoons Craft Show February 3, 2024

Each year Renita and I organize a Craft Show. The purpose of the show is to allow the crafters in our rv park to display their craft/art, (what the difference between Crafts and Arts is that the term craft is used to denigrate traditional women’s work/skills). This year we had eight people who requested tables, (one of our usual persons had a bad harvest of maple syrup and did not attend). Still, we filled all the tables with everyone’s work and had a good turnout. Not everyone sells, and this show gives all the opportunity to share their passions.
Of course, we set up our usual two tables. Pam and Roy also filled two tables.
Sue’s table was filled with her oyster jewelry and Jim sold both rough slabs and his own wirework and cabochons, (I taught him how to wire wrap).
One new person, Renee and filled her table with her beautiful handmade quilts
. Diana’s work is always appreciated, her work includes silverware holders that many use for our weekly buffets.
Joe, who age is in upper eighties/lower nineties has started a new passion and makes art by splashing paint on blank canvases he purchases at a local retailer. He sold eleven pieces of his work!
A new person, Kay offers wellness classes and Maureen sells skin care products.
All in all, it was a great chance for all of us to spread the word about what we do, besides fishing. Clear skies

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Teaching Pickle Ball in Blue Lagoons Rv Park

Last fall we arrived at our winter rv park and saw that many of the spaces were empty. It was worse than normal as the rent increases had taken their toll. At our small happy hour I told the managers, Ron and Deb, about the phenomenal growth at our rv park in Star Valley Wyoming.
At the time we bought our lot sales of finished lots were sluggish and we were able to buy a corner lot at a price that had been lowered. Since then, the tennis courts were remade into pickleball courts and now you would be hard pressed to be able to find an empty spot to rent! We have over 300, members in our pickleball club! The manager asked a few more questions and decided to paint a pickleball court on a space near the workshop. I agree to teach pickleball classes and so it was done, (and a fellow rv’er donated a new net, thanks Gordon). Now the court is not ideal but it has a faithful following as we have taught anyone interested.
Because we live along the coast we first must squeegee the court and then remove the leaves. After that its game on! We play Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings, and anywhere from six to ten people usually show up. weather permitting. The newcomers are improving their skills, and we are even talking about having a skill level round robin tournament!
Last year at our summer park, due to my ankle problems, we only played a few times but now we look forward to our return and hope to play more! It’s so fun to have another option besides our walks, for exercise! Clear skies. Ps Thanks for the court Ron and Deb!