Friday, February 23, 2024

Valentines Day Feast 2024, Thanks Zita and Alan

For the past nine years we have had a feast on Valentines Day. Our activities coordinators Zita and Alan have prepared sumptuous feasts of prime rib and Cornish hens, smoked to perfection! Thie year was perhaps the best yet!
They prepare the meal after careful planning and everyone in the park is invited. Tickets are sold ahead of time to make sure that everyone gets their choice, and the Recreation Hall is always sold out! This year sixty-eight people attended.
Upon entering the door, we were first greeted by our friends Barb and Dan who took great photos of each couple. Dan is an excellent photographer and Barb makes sure all the couples are smiling and sitting in the right spot.
The festivities were started with a prayer and then the tables are called starting with the back row, it alternates each year. This year they first served the small number who requested Cornish Hens and then the rest who chose prime rib. After getting our main dish we next proceeded to the salad table where we had the choice of shrimp cocktails or a lettuce salad. Renita couldn’t eat all of her Cornish and I barely managed to eat my huge slice of outstanding prime rib.
Zita had also prepared a special dessert to sweeten the finish of the meal! Our friend Jane, a master florist arranged the flowers on each table, which we were able to take back to our rv! The decorations were done by volunteers the morning of the party. Sadly, this is the last year Zita and Alan will serve as activities directors. There will never be any better! They are not returning to the park as they have purchased a home and are leaving the full-time rv lifestyle. Words cannot express our gratitude. Clear skies and safe travels! Mark and Renita

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