Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ten Days Since My last Entry, It's Time for a Massive Catchup

It' not like we haven't been doing anything the last ten days, its just that I have kept putting off any blog entries, and here it has now been ten days. The reason I write this blog is to keep a record or journal. Its a way for us to remember what we have done and so by not writing any entries I have been short changing ourselves.
We have been busy, although not all has been pleasurable. As soon as we arrived here we got our flu shots and last week we both came down with a mild cause of the flu. At least the shots made it possible for us to have a quick recovery and hopefully we are good for the rest of the winter.
While recovering from the flu we were able to make some new jewelry and to update our Etsy Store.
Now we have another unusual thing for sale. This piece is a piece of Argentinian fossil dinosaur egg shell wrapped in fourteen carat gold filled wire, There's something you don't see every day, and yes we do have unique interests, (we also got two cabochons of Louisiana Opal and I will put those on the blog when they are finished).
last week we did go fishing with Jen, at John's Pass, and although we didn't catch any flounder we did catch some really unusual fish. Jen hooked up with a large lady fish, they look like a small tarpon. It jumped three times before the hook pulled out and are even known as poor man's tarpon.
I also had the chance to go out with Allan. His new boat is a 21 foot Key Largo. Again we didn't catch anything big enough to eat but his boat worked fine and we went out ten miles in search of grouper. On the way back in schools of bait fish appeared but we didn't have the right lures and so we couldn't get the Spanish and King mackerels to hit.
Thanksgiving we headed over to Jen and Eric's house and ate way to much, which of course was to be expected. This week should be interesting as we are going to the Ringling Art Museum to see an exhibit of Chinese 17th Century Art. Hopefully there will be some jade!
The winds have died down here and so we also hope to go kayaking and hopefully hook up with some friends. It should be a great week and if my computer will just keep working, ( it has crashed twice since I downloaded windows ten), I can keep track of our adventures. Clear skies

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  1. Now that I have sort of caught up on the China TravelBlog, I am back on here and, what do I find???? You have taken "time off" from writing. Well, I TOTALLY understand. I loved keeping notes and plans for the China blog, is now time to write the daily blog/slog.....and, my excitement is not nearly as fact, i will have to work at doing this until I get used to it.
    Must run....have to take my son/his wife, and STL as they will stay in a hotel across the highway from the Airport, as they have an EARLY flight in the morning so he can get to work....not tooo late. More later, my friend!!!!! Hope we can manage a get together while we are both in TX.