Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Different Take in Florida. Renting a Beach Bungalow

We decided to try something different this year. Instead of pulling our fifth wheel to Florida, we rented a beach bungalow on St Pete Beach. Now we are only a few minutes from Jen and Eric’s condo on Treasure Island, so we don’t have a forty-minute drive through heavy traffic.
It took us three days to drive from Texas, (where we parked the rig), and of course I came down with the flu, so Renita ended up driving most of the way. We also ate out and rented motel rooms, so it was a far cry from our usual travels. Kind of a like a vacation really.
Arriving at St Pete Beach, we found the address and Renita followed the instructions to unlock the lock box and get our key. It was a nice two-bedroom place, about three blocks from the beach. I went to bed and didn’t move much for the next four days. Of course, as I got better, Renita got sick, and so the first ten days were mostly spent taking turns with naps and taking care of each other.
I did get better and was able to take daily walks on the beach, much like we do when we go to Grand Isle. Armed with my Fitbit I can easily get my steps and exercise in, so I am meeting my goals.
Renita was recovering, and she suggested she was well enough to do some shopping at Madeira Beach. A strong cold front moved through, plunging the temperatures into the fifties and so we bundled up, drove to Madeira Beach and went shopping.
The best part, for me anyway was watching the activity in the pass. Three Kayaks rowed hard out into the Gulf, braving the high waves and fierce winds. I thought they were insane and a little bit later a rescue wave runner and patrol boat chased after them. They didn’t find them, but a helicopter flew out spotted the kayakers and all turned out to be ok.
Meanwhile the dolphins were cavorting in the pass, chasing each other jumping high in the air. They were having an exciting time frolicking in the strong tide, and Renita managed to get a great shot as one leaped clear and another nosed the bottom of the first, what’s that all about?
Yesterday we braved the cold and drove up the beach to the end of the road. Stopping at Sand Key Park, we walked the beach and found some cool fragments of staghorn coral. We make jewelry from fossil coral and so we both could see some possibilities with the nice coral pieces.
We did see a flock of wood storks. Rosettes, and ibis, but they took off before we could walk over and get some images. The fishing pier was closed, and the road was blocked so nothing was happenings, fish wise. Perhaps they were damaged from the Hurricane?
Today another cold front is coming through with high winds and another batch of forty and fifty-degree weather. Time to take our morning walk and get our steps and exercise in before it arrives.


  1. Great dolphin picture. Hope you are both better and have a great stay in Florida with your daughter.

  2. WOW!!!! Imagine going to Florida for a vacation and coming down with the flu.....BOTH of you!!! Sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you have survived without to many repercussions. GREAT!!!!!

  3. I know of a great six bedroom home that will be empty if you get near to Grand Isle on your way back to Texas!