Saturday, January 6, 2018

A Quick Drive from Florida to Texas

It was time to say goodbyes and head back to Texas. So, we loaded up the truck and headed into the approaching cold front. We were able to make it through the cold front before an ice storm hit Lake City, Florida and so the drive was uneventful.
As we were not pulling our fifth wheel, we stayed in motels. We learned that using an online service to book a room resulted in higher priced rooms. The first night we paid one hundred and thirty dollars only to learn the cost of the room was only seventy, (plus a charge for the dog).
The cheapest way to book a room was to find the phone number of the motel and call it ourselves! That way we could be sure the motel was pet friendly. Not only did Renita find rooms for a fair price, the dog stayed free!

The weather was so cold that Mobile Bay was partially frozen, something we had never seen before. At least we never ran into any ice on bridges, or snow, and so the drive was bearable. Leaving after rush hour we were able to drive through Houston with a minimum of fuss/traffic, and reached Rockport during the afternoon of day three.
Our friends were at Happy Hour and we were greeted to the sight of Jane and a squirrel having a face off! Seems Jane had put up a bird feeder and the squirrel was emptying it every day. It had gotten so brazen that it ignored Jane and her broom!

Our plants had been taken care of by our friend Betty, and had thrived! Perhaps if we watered them and gave them fertilizer they would grow better for us. Now if it would hurry up and warm up we could get out the kayaks and go fishing!  Clear skies

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