Friday, March 9, 2018

The Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society 2018 Show

It was time for our first big show of the year, the Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Societies annual event, (it’s a juryed show), in Robstown, Texas. Friday was the setup and we drove over early to help with the unloading and assembly of the display cases.
While I was lending a hand, Renita set up our booth. We had not brought our jewelry and knives yet, and so our setup was easy. The club does provide security, but we are still a little leery of leaving our life’s work, fifty miles away from us.
Saturday morning, we drove back to the Fairgrounds and carried our cases to our display booth. We usually display and sell some rocks and slabs but this year we were selling Australian boulder opal rough and specimen pieces. We had barely finished before ten o’clock arrived and people started coming in.
It got busy fast and our first customers loved our new pendants, (we have added pendants with attached bails), as well as the usual wire wrapped ones. They have been some of our best patrons and bought some finished piece besides presenting us with a new challenge. One of them had brought along some of her grandfather’s arrowhead collection and wanted us to make wearable pendants, we love a new challenge!
The day was busy, the first day usually is, but it did seem busier than normal. We also left with a new carved animal. Our friend Mark had come over before the show started, and asked us to wire wrap his latest creation, a beautiful jade cabochon. He offered us a rhodonite carved pig in payment, and we gladly accepted the trade.
At the end of the day, we reached home tired, and were greeted at the door by our guard dog, Molly. She is a such a sweetie, and practically pulled me along as we went for an evening walk. Pam and Roy had bought a chicken dinner, (thank you), and after eating we talked a little about the day before heading home to an early bed.
The next morning was more relaxed and we arrived later, still with some time for us both to walk around and check out the other vendors. It was the first year that our friend and mentor, Dick Cline, wasn’t there as he had passed away in May, at the age of ninety-two, (he was one of the club’s founders and was a true Master of Stone). The show seemed somewhat empty without him.
The club had a silent auction booth and our friend Mark, was selling a carved lapis rhinoceros. He was also selling a large carved rhodonite elephant and we bid, and won, the rhinoceros, (oh my goodness, we must be starting a zoo)! Pam and Roy were interested in the pink elephant, also won it, and will use it for a display in their Art Coop.
Sunday morning is usually slow, but this year the crowd arrived early, and it was so busy that Renita didn’t have much of a chance to make some purchases from other vendors! All my treasures were purchased at the silent auction, (I bought a specimen of wulfenite, a sterling silver bolo tie clasp with a chryscolla cabochon, and a workable piece of chryscolla rough).
The surprise of the day was that we sold four bolo ties. It’s unusual to sell even one and this year we sold four! Now we must make more for our summer shows, especially as we have been accepted into Cody, Wyoming’s Wild West Extravaganza.
Day two ended, but we were busy right until the end. It had been our most successful Texas show ever, and our new pendant styles had been a success. Now we need to get busy on the diamond wheels and replace what we have sold, (I am also trying to add a new presentation grade knife, made from Damascus steel and fitted with rare Wyoming Jade scales, (handles).
We have nothing else planned for here in Southern Texas, so it is officially fishing and birding time! At the end of the month we hope to head to Louisiana before returning home after a week long stop over in Iowa. Clear skies

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