Thursday, February 6, 2020

The 2020 Blue Lagoons Show and Sell Crafts Fair

Each year Renita and I organize a small art fair that highlights the crafters and artists in our Winter Rv Park, Blue Lagoons. Its not always about selling as we encourage each person to show and talk about their craft. This year we were lucky to have seven talented people display, and if they wanted to, sell some of their work!
Our park is a small park and so before the show we shared the poster on social media. Renita also traveled to parks in the area and a craft store and all agreed to let her put up a poster. The show is a three-hour show and too soon the doors opened.
It was slow at first, as usual, but then got busy. Here are pictures of each talented person and their work.
Diane has showed for several years and you can see many examples of her work around the park. Her handmade silverware holders are all around the room during our weekly buffets.
Nancy shared Diane’s table and brought her beautiful quilts. I am always amazed at quilters as their work requires so much thought and planning. My favorite was her three-dimensional block quilt!
Sue, who is new to the park and works at a rv park north of Yellowstone covered her area with a plethora that included hats made from t-shirts, small bags/purses/cell phone holders and lots of cool jewelry, (we bought several of her hats)!
Al is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and as soon as he heads north, he starts to tap maple trees for his maple syrup. Last year he produced over five hundred gallons and we always purchase some for our own consumption!
Evelyne’s art goes above and beyond as she paints with watercolors specializing in coastal birds, shipwrecks, and flowers, (she painted us a picture of our dog Molly). Her work is always a treat and we have purchased several of her paintings.
Jim, from Kansas City specializes in making rosaries. His rosaries are made from semiprecious gemstones and he also makes wire wrapped jewelry and finished cabochons, (we taught him how to wire wrap and his work is identical to ours.
Finally, opening picture, is a picture of our tables. They are covered with fifteen displays of wire wrapped precious and semiprecious gemstones. Almost all of which we have cut, polished, and mad into finished pendants, rings, bolo ties, and bracelets. It’s the most we have ever shown, and the opal case contains nine different types of opals!
After the show was over all the artists/crafters told us that they had a good show and enjoyed meeting new people. That’s really what this show is all about, meeting new friends.
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