Thursday, March 24, 2022

Family Time!

We have been blessed this year, with visits by friends and family. This month Renita’s brother Phil and his wife Brenda, drove here in South Texas, from their home in Florida. It had been five years since we had seen them at our daughter’s wedding, and Renita and her sister Pam were excited about their family reunion. Pam had also gotten a call from her youngest son Brent, that he was going to stop by on his family’s spring break vacation to South Padre Island. They all managed to coordinate their dates and so it was family reunion time!
Phil and Brenda showed up first and of course we took them birding! The whooping cranes cooperated, and we had a great time in Lamar. Driving down fourth street. A pair was feeding at the first feeder. There were also sandhill and whistling ducks.
The dominate pair was being closely watched by six more whooping cranes. It was a great sight to be able to see eight of the five hundred whooping cranes in existence. Whooping cranes numbers have risen from nineteen birds to the present flock and are one of the most endangered species in North America.
We stopped for more pictures on Beach Road before we headed to Big Tree for the stroll around Big Tree. If you have ever been there, the tree used to have a sign stating its age but now the sign reads that the live oak tree is one of the largest in the state
. While at Big Tree Renita spotted a vermillion flycatcher. It was across the street, but we still got pictures of it along with a flying red tail hawk and sandhill cranes.
The rest of the time together was spent visiting about sharing family memories, new plans, retirement tales, and future trips.
It was so nice to have the siblings reunited! Clear skies

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  1. Getting together on the road is always fun. Stay safe and healthy.