Sunday, October 23, 2022

Driving to Kansas

Massive computer problems......It’s always a little sad when we leave our place in Wyoming, but friends and good times await. The timing was perfect this year, as no major snowstorm was approaching and instead, we hit the peak of the golden aspens. It was the perfect fall colors, (the maples have already lost their leaves, but the aspens were at their best. Crossing Salt Pass, Renita took picture after picture of the color. It’s not like the colors of the Midwest, but the gold contrast nicely with the lodgepoles, ponderosas, and other evergreens. Too soon we were crossing the Red Desert and the trees were replaced by sage brush flats. We did not spot any wild horses, but there were lots of antelope.
The next day we drove to North Platte. The days drive was on Interstate 80 and north of Elk Mountain, a spot where you often see winter pictures of snowbound cars and trucks. From there you cross the highest pass of any interstate just east of Laramie.
The next day we passed the World’s largest ball of twine and nearing our friend’s home in Newton, Kansas. We stopped for lunch at Rock City Park. The park is a private park and the rocks are large boulders made of aeoline cross bedded sandstones.
The different layers are typical of ancient sand dunes are quite a bit different from alluvial sand deposits, (river sands form a distinctly different pattern, called a herringbone pattern). The wind was rally gusting, so we quickly ate lunch and left for the short drive to Bob and Nancy’s house. Arriving, with the usual warm greetings, we unwound by taking a walk. Nancy had made reservations for us at the Karg Glass works. Nancy, Mark, and I had decided to take the class and make a couple of objects from the molten glass, but that’s the next post! Clear skies

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