Monday, January 23, 2023

Rockport Center for the Arts, Rockport, Texas

We had anxiously awaited the opening of the Rockport Center of the Arts and were finally able to view some of the buildings. There are three separate buildings, one enclosing several Galleries, a classroom, giftshop and front desk, the second a conference center, and the third a place for performances.
Around the outside, sculptures are tastefully placed, and as one would expect highlights the warmth of Rockport and its laidback coastal attitude.
A pair of seahorses dominate the front and a touching sculpture of a young man and his dogs are located in the outer center plaza.
Entering the Center a receptionist desk was staffed by exuberant staff who justifiable and proudly talked of the new center,
A gift shop included local jewelry, fabric arts, and several hung pieces, (I was glad to see that the pieces were not described as craft as the term craft is used as a means to denigrate traditional women’s artwork).
To the left is the Mendez Family Gallery, where a variety of artwork were hung.
These included paintings, pastels, and photographic works. I am not a painter and know better than to describe my photography as professional, although quite a few people have suggested we should sell it, (we are too busy with our lapidary and jewelry making). On the way upstairs, and yes there is an elevator, we passed the classroom and figuring out how to work the elevator, (we have no elevators in our small town)., reached the McKelvey Charitable Gallery.
There a pottery show was displayed, and the pottery pieces were both composed of contemporary clay and mixed media. Returning downstairs, we passed through the classroom and stepped outside to the plaza.
Two more buildings were still being finished and we were unable to enter the first as the painters were busy. The Conference Center was also closed and gated as was a staircase to the top of the Art center. Hopefully we will be able to view these before our five month stay here ends, (we have spent part or most of the past fifteen winters here along the Texas Coastal Bend). We had a very positive impression of the new Rockport Center of the Arts and its staff! We look forward to viewing the new areas and new hung shows. Well done, Rockport! Clear skies

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