Saturday, November 4, 2023

Leorna Turnbill Birding Center October 28th, 2023

From Charley’s pasture we next drove to the Leorna Turnbill Birding Center. As usual the parking lot was almost full and after parking, we headed to the first viewing Tower. We noticed a birder with a huge lens that was attempting to take pictures of a Northern Parula and Common Yellowthroats. We stopped and got some great pictures ourselves.
Another bird that posed was a Lesser Yellowlegs and as we walked out, we watched a great egret hunting for its meal.
Another birder stopped to talk and told us that he had seen Sora, Virgina and Clapper rails.
That got my attention as we have yet to add a clapper rail to our life list.
Would we have two new birds in one day? We never did see the clapper rail. Reaching the first fork in the elevated boardwalk we turned towards the second Tower, Underneath the Tower, a night crowned heron perched,
and the huge resident alligator was lying in the tower’s shade. It started to come out from under the tower, and Renita took quite a few pictures.
American White Pelicans, shovelers and mottled ducks were crowded together, along with blue-winged teals and White ibis.
Still looking for a clapper rail, I left the tower and walked further along the boardwalk but didn’t spot one. We had had a pleasant morning and so we left for our winter spot. It’s always fun to have such a good birding partner, to share our discoveries, and to learn from the knowledgeable birders that live in Port Aransas. Clear skies

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