Sunday, April 22, 2012

Roman Nose State Park, Butterflies and Blooms

We pushed hard from Livingston, Texas and drove all the way to Hugo, Oklahoma. It was an uneventful drive even counting the mental lapse where I took a turn onto Interstate 20 and headed for Shreveport, Louisiana. Luckily we only drove fifteen miles before we realized our mistake and backtracked.

There wasn’t much in the way of rv parks and so we ended up spending the night at the Walmart. The next morning we left bright and early and fought strong winds all across north Texas and Southeastern Oklahoma. Renita had a busy day as she used her smart phone  to guide me through Oklahoma City.

The cross winds got worse and I asked her to find us a place to park but most places were closed and so we drove all the way to Watonga. There she had located a campground at Roman Nose State Park. Now the park was named after the famous warrior chief, who used to camp in Bitter Creek Canyon and we ended up finding a nice spot for twenty bucks a night.

A strong front was passing through and so we decided to ride it out and spend two days and it was a really nice decision. Taking Molly for a walk we found the park was full of butterflies and spring flowers and so the walk became more than just exercise.

That night the wind increased and so we even turned on our furnace as the temperature dropped, but not too much. By the afternoon it was pleasant and we took off on a hike around the far side of the dam. Soon I broke into a sweat, as we headed up a small hill and crossed outcrops of granite and red beds.

We heard several birds and watched as turkey vultures glided on thermals. Several small lizards ran across our path and I watched for snakes but they weren’t in evidence. Stopping for pictures Renita and I enjoyed the peace and quiet and the day provided us with what we needed, a break after six hundred miles of driving.

If you are ever in the area we would recommend you spend a night or two here. We know that if we find ourselves here we will stop again. Clear skies.

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