Monday, January 7, 2013

Florida to Rockport, a Quick Run

So after leaving south Florida we headed north into the cold and rain. We pushed hard for three days and the only excitement was when a drunk tried to drive around the bayou in Beaumont Texas, (It was right in the middle of the rv park we were in,(the emergency rescue were still looking for the driver when we left).
The westbound I 10 road in Louisiana was actually better and so the trip was uneventfully. The truck worked fine and the house held up. It was just so cold compared to south Florida! As we neared Rockport we were greeted by two pairs of whopping cranes. The first was at Cavasso Creek and the second a little further south. It was the first time we have ever seen them there, so it augurs well for our birding.
It was nice arriving at our usual winter spot and seeing old friends, however it is so empty here, is it the economy, are there fewer people retiring? Anyway we have lots of Alaskan and Canadian jade that needs to be cut and Renita has some larimar to work that I got her for Christmas. Not every body can give their wife a rock for Christmas and get away with it:).
Clear skies

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