Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back in Fulton, Texas Warmth

We left from St Petersburg on the first of the year and after four days of rain and wind, arrived safely at our usual winter Texas spot in Fulton, Texas. It was actually pretty warm and I was able to change into shorts as we set up and greeted friends.

One of the blessings of our life style is the many friends we have been able to make and as soon as we had parked they came over for a plethora of hugs. Jane and Gail, and Jerry and Jack, and Betty, to name a few, gave us the hugs we needed and we remembered why we still come back here.

The next morning a cold front came in and the temperatures plunged to thirty five Fahrenheit so we rested inside before going to Corpus Christi for sawing and grinding rock. There our friend and shop foreman Mark gave us a big smile and of course a hug, (Mark is the one who visited us in Wyoming and split rock with us at the Warfield fish quarry).

As I stepped outside the following morning, Texas greeted us with sleet and we remembered why we don’t stay in Wyoming for the winter. Still we had some running around to do that included buying propane, getting the dog’s meds, and a quick trip to the local HEB grocery store, (which is a Texas institution).

Later it warmed up a little and so we drove to Goose Island State Park for a little birding and to check out the fishing. Renita spotted two rosettes,  flocks of willets and dunlins, while I cast for speckled sea trout and reds, but to no avail. Some other winter Texans, these three were from Minnesota, arrived and caught a few sheepshead before we retreated to the truck.

We drove out to the Big Tree shoreline, looking for Whoopers, and instead spotted quite a few sandhill cranes. Eventually we saw some whoopers in the far distance but they were too far to see and of their features. It was too cold to even think about using the kayaks, (yes I know we saw people kayaking with icebergs in Alaska, but this is not close to Alaska and we have turned into fair weather birders and fisherpersons.

So we will be here for three months of working rock and metal, preparing for the summer art and craft shows in Wyoming, and of course fishing and fun when it warms up! Sitting for a spell will be good. Clear skies.


  1. Have a great winter. looking forward to the fish stories.

  2. Glad to hear you made it! We've had two hard freezes and our tropical plants are all looking bad - but it's spose to be 70 today. Have fun in Texas!