Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Open House at the Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Societies Rock Shop, 2014

Neither one of us had any idea as to what to expect. We had volunteered to give a wire wrapping demonstration at the open house at the Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society’s, (GCGMS), lapidary shop and had brought several displays of our lapidary and wire wrapping.
So it was a pleasant surprise when about twenty people showed up, along with a camera person who wanted to film us for a segment on a local public channel. I soon went into my teacher mode and as usual I talked a lot and for once kept my sharp wit and jokes to a minimum.
The audience paid attention and asked really good questions so it went well. I went over my allotted time, which didn’t surprise me, and Renita took images for our blog. It was nice to be able to help out as the GCGMS has provided us with so much instruction and help as we have learned and increased our lapidary art.
Next on the agenda was our friend Mark; (he visited us in Wyoming and went fossil fish digging with us at Kemmerer). His presentation was about rock tumbling and the different types of tumblers. It was a really good topic as most people begin their rock obsession by first tumbling rocks.
He talked about rotary verses vibrating tumblers, and even though I have done quite a bit of tumbling, I learned quite a few things including pitfalls I have not yet encountered. As he gave his presentation he passed around different finished samples from the different types of machines. He really did a great job and the audience’s questions showed their interest in starting tumbling themselves.
The rest of the open house involved a show and tell of the lapidary shops equipment and rock inventory.

What could be better than a day of rocks, tumbling demonstrations, and most importantly meeting new people? Making new friends and learning new interests is really what our fulltime RV lifestyle is all about! Clear skies

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