Saturday, May 16, 2015

Safely in Star Valley

The sun warmed things up and the snow quickly melted, leaving the roads dry. Hooking up we left Rapid City and drove two hundred and sixty miles to Casper, Wyoming where we stayed the night.
The next morning we decided to push it and so we crossed the Wind River Mountains at South Pass.
From there we descended into the Red Desert and our route paralleled the Oregon Trail. Oregon Butte, Eden Valley, (and ts famous fish and petrified wood beds), passed quickly. Both are places we hope to prospect this summer.
Crossing the Green, we turned north and saw a herd of wild horses. They were in their usual haunts and we were glad to see that the wild horse roundup didn't catch them all. Fontenelle and then Kemmerer where the fish beds again beckoned. Perhaps we will dig again for fish this year. Renita was driving now and so I rested and watched the landscape go by.
The wind picked up and I returned to the drivers seat. Renita spotted the first pair of sand hill cranes. They are in their breeding colors, a bright brownish red, so different from the somber grey color we are used to in southern Texas.
Reaching the Salt Pass, elevation 7600', we stopped for a moment to check our brakes before heading down to Smoot and Afton and Grover/. No one was manning the check station for watercraft, (we had already been checked at Sundance Wyoming), but still we stopped to make sure we were following the law.
Thayne was just a little further down the road and turning east we reached our summer base camp, Star Valley RV Resort, where we have purchased a lot. There is lot of snow just above us and it will be awhile before we fish the Grey River and push off our kayaks to float the Salt River.The days drive was three hundred and ninety miles, a huge day for us but now we can rest as we have no plans but to sit and enjoy the area till September.
Right now a strong low pressure area is bringing rain and snow at higher elevations. The snow has descended to seven thousand feet but we are at sixty two hundred so its just rain. Today looks like a good day to work on some of the stone and fossils we have purchased, a craft day!
Clear skies


  1. Glad you made back to Wyoming safely. Have a great summer of hounding and fishing.

  2. So glad you are out of that snowed in South Dakota. C