Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another Day in St Charles Bay

There were reports that the sheep head have moved in, (salt water species), at least large numbers of big fish had been seen nearby. Hearing this we decided to fish some places where the fish used to be routinely caught.
The wind was supposed to pick up so we planned on a short day. Our plan was to only paddle a few places as we didn’t want to have to return against a strong headwind. Launching our kayaks we quickly arrived at our first spot. Casting out live shrimp we waited for the tell tail bite.
Nothing happened, it was obvious that the fish weren’t there, so we pulled our anchors and headed into a short cut. It’s a place where we have had some success in the past and it’s usually full of night crowned herons.
Entering the cut the absence of the night crowned herons became obvious. Recently increased human activity on the shore must have disturbed the birds. Perhaps they had simply been flushed or perhaps they had moved on to another roosting spot.
As we entered the cut two whooping cranes flew overhead. The white birds, with black tipped wings and long trailing legs slowly winged to a nearby meadow. Of course we didn’t have the camera out as we get cautious with cameras on the water.
Shortly after a pair of bright pink rosette spoonbills also flew overhead and added to our birding delight. Dropping our anchors and casting out we watched as the whoopers returned to the back bay. Driving by the field near the launch we had spotted it already occupied by another pair and whoopers stake out and defend a large territory.
Soon our poles started to draw fish but they were all small. Black drum and redfish were at the spot but they were all too small to keep. We usually use circle hooks and so the undersized fish were all returned and safely swam away.
All though we were in a protected bay, we were able to see the tree tops sway as the wind picked up. Calling it a day we headed out of the cut, right into a strong headwind. The waves were just starting to white cap and so we labored slowly back to the takeout.

It’s always a fun day paddling, after all we are retired, and only launch on nice days. It didn’t matter that the fish had all been small as we had had fun being entertained by birds, small fish, and a picnic on the water. Every day is a blessing! Clear skies

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  1. Fishing is slow here too - Come to our Mardi Gras party on Sunday! Its spose to be a balmy 49 degrees with rain - Connie