Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blue lagoons Arts and Craft Show 2016

Every year, upon our arrival here, we organize a private Art and Crafts Show. We call it the Show and Tell and Maybe Sell Show as the main purpose is to show the off the work of the talented people in our small park. It also allows the crafters to meet and connect.
Now it never draws everyone that crafts here, but it does draw out enough to make it a fun time. For us it kind of a practice set up for our big show next month. It also allows us to show our friends our work and we do sell a little.
This year we had several new people! Joe set up a neat display of his old glass outdoor lights and his unique earrings, (made from gar scales and the inner ear bones of redfish! Kathy also set up a table displaying her knitting projects and blouses.
Pat of course showed her quilting and all the baby blanket quilts she had made in the past year. Jim demonstrated wire wrapping, (we taught him), and he made a beautiful set that I am not going to show or tell as they are destined to be gifts.
Diane also displayed her unique Christmas light bottles, her knitting scarfs, and some really pretty beaded bracelets. As usual we didn’t do much advertising and so we had a small crowd, but it was enough to keep busy as we explained what we do.

Oh and Joe and his gar scale earrings, he was the hit of the show and sold out! Thank you to all the crafters and to the people that viewed everyone’s work. Thanks also to Blue Lagoons for allowing us to let us show. Clear skies

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