Thursday, June 2, 2016

Addicted to Bears, More Trips to Grand Teton National Park, Idiot Tourists in Closed Areas

After spotting 610 and her cubs we wanted to see more bears . Reports kept coming in of three large boars, male bears, and new sightings of bear 399 near Bailey Creek. So we packed a picnic lunch and headed back for another day of bear watching.
Pilgrim Creek was one of our reported sighting spots and so we went there hoping to see more bruins.
Walking along a dirt road, not a bear closed area, we spotted trees where a bear had sharpened its claws, along with possible wolf tracks, elk and moose tracks, and lupine flowers in full bloom.
We also spotted cow elk and lots and lots of marmots, another bear food. I took a walk along the forest edge  and found more spring flowers. Its such a pleasure to take a walk in the wild and we felt safe as there were enough of us making noise to warn any bears.
Driving to Willow Flats we saw lots of bear watchers and even saw two idiots who ignored the bear warning signs and hiked into the closed area. We told a park employee of their location but I am sure they have many such idiots to deal with.
Finally we drove up Pacific Creek but the only activity we saw were racing four wheelers raising clouds of dust along the park road. The parks are growing full of people and the heavy tourist season has not even arrived. Already reports are in that Yellowstone visitation is up sixty percent this spring.
We tried to make camping reservations for our annual bear trip but we waited too long!
So we have spent three more days in the park and while we didn't see any more bears we did see lots of springtime beauty, lots of other wildlife, and birds in their breeding plumage. Every day in such a setting is a day of blessings. Clear skies

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  1. Walking into a bear restricted area could get one nominated for the Darwin Award.