Friday, September 9, 2016

A Busy Week of Fishing and Art in the Parking Lot, 2016

The summer is drawing to a close and yet we are still too busy to get everything done. It was almost Labor Day weekend which meant we had a three-day show in Alpine, Wyoming. We also had heard that the fish were biting and so we stopped working on stone to make a quick trip up the Grey's River.
It was our friend George’s birthday and as he loves fishing we packed a lunch and took George and Val along. I knew that with George along we would be out fished as he is only eighty-one and usually out fishes us.
It was no surprise then that both he and Val caught some large fish, pushing seventeen inches. Ours were smaller but that was how it should be, the birthday boy should catch the most fish. It was a beautiful day with friends on the Grey and the fall colors had staring to explode throughout the valley.
Friday arrived and we loaded our jewelry, hoping to set up the day before the show. However, a strong front was coming through and so we decided to wait till the morning of the show for our setup.
Saturday morning arrived and with it cold temperatures so setting up we waited for the day to warm up and by noon warmer temperatures and people had started to arrive. Art in the Parking Lot is a small show but a good show as it gives us the chance to reconnect with people we have met since we have moved here.
Some of the people brings their rocks for us to identify, and one brought opals she had dug at the Spencer Opal mine. Even through it was the first time she had dug for opals she had some really pretty finds and I showed her how the material should be worked.
We ended up planning an opal dig for next summer and that’s the best thing about why we do shows. Making new friends and listening to new stories is really what it’s all about. As to the show, we had a very good turnout and a good three days. We have been blessed to have so many people love our work.

This sunday, we have our last show of the year, and it’s in Jackson, Wyoming. That show is called, “Takin it to the Streets”, and is a weeklong Fall Arts Festival. There we will be set up along the park with the elk antler arches in the center of the city. Clear skies

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