Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Late Summer Kayak on The Salt River

Our rv park has emptied but it was nice enough for us to go on another float on the Salt River. This time we used our kayaks and Valarie, Renita, and I unloaded our kayaks before Renita and Val dropped off Val’s truck at the takeout point.
Pushing off, the fast current, caught Renita off guard and so she ended up floating backwards through the first small rapids. I pointed out to her that it’s easier to go bow first and she thanked me for the suggestion, well not quite a thanks really.
Still she turned bow first and kept her kayak pointed the right way for the rest of the float. Val was in her class two yak and I was in my twelve-foot boat. Now the girl’s boats are both ten feet and quite frankly my boat is too long for the small river. Anyone want to buy a used kayak?
I was also trying to fly fish and my kayak just didn’t work very well. Fish were rising all along the float and my boat was so awkward that I had to spend too muck time paddling. I missed some nice bites before pulling over and caching a small fish. As I sat there two large cuts played in front of the boat but wouldn’t take my fly.
I pretty much gave up fishing and decided to stay with the ladies as they were having fun birding and wildlife viewing as they floated along.
An adult bald eagle perched on a post allowing Renita to get close enough for a photo and a little further downstream an immature bald seemed totally unconcerned as we all floated past.
Several muskrats also entertained us and of course the cows had to see what we were doing as we floated past the herd.  Clear skies
A flock of geese flew overhead, all in all it was a great day to float the Salt River!

Ps I saw two familiar faces talking to our new next door neighbors, Robert and Jo. They looked familiar and sure enough they were fellow 2007 classmates( A Classmate is a fellow Escapee who retired in 2007, sold their house, and went fulltime rving), John and Lora. It truly is a small world and that’s why we always tell friends we will see you down the road!

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