Friday, September 7, 2018

Labor Day Week, A Busy Time

For the past several weeks we have been concentrating on replacing the empty spots in our jewelry cases. Our last show of the year was rapidly approaching and even though it was only a one day show we were also trying to get ready for next winter. Still I did find time to fish and we did have a last dentist appointment in Idaho Falls.
This year I have been trying to finish some Damascas blades I bought with Wyoming Jade scales, (handles), wooly mammoth, leopard skin agate, and dinosaur bone. Not only does it take a lot of time to make the stone handles it also requires that I make leather sheaths. I tired to buy leather sheaths and they all were so poor that I threw them away, (the leather was too thin, and the stitching was so flimsy that one sheath has already started to unravel).
The show arrived, and we set up for Labor Day at our friend Barbara’s local art store, (Raven Lunatics). It was a cold but beautiful day and as always, the show isn’t always about selling as it’s about meeting people. One fellow rock hound stopped buy and Jeff showed us his latest finds, which included the best Wind River Iris Agate I have seen!
The day after we had a last Dentist appointment in Idaho Falls. The only excitement was to see that the leaves had started to change color and I tried to take several pictures out of the moving car, (Our truck is getting some work done and the dealership loaned us a car)
Two days later Renita had an appointment at the beauty salon and so our friend Val invited me to go fishing with her. Arriving at the stream, Val discovered she had forgotten her rod and so she guided me to the spots. It was a new stretch of the Little Grey and it was full of fish. They were all small, but I had fun catching and releasing fifteen native cutthroats, (she is one of the best fly fishers I have ever met and she kindly told me that I would have caught more if I did a better job of stripping the line).
There are very few people fishing now as bow hunting has started and rifle season starts on September fifteenth. This month is so busy, we have four more doctor’s appointments and Jen and Eric are visiting us for seven days! They live in south Florida and Jen called to ask us if they should buy winter coats. I told her that the day time temperatures would be in the seventies and drop into the upper thirties, so I think they will buy them!  Clear skies

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