Monday, February 11, 2019

The Blue Lagoons Show, Our first show of 2019

Our first show of the year finally arrived, and we moved our show goods about one hundred yards to the recreation hall. The purpose of the show is to get everyone out of their rv’s and show everyone in the park what skills and art/crafts are available. Renita and I organized the show, about five years ago, and the show is limited to people from the park or people that have stayed here.
Not everyone sells their crafts and we did have some empty spots, the weather here was cold, wet and rainy, so several people decided to not display.  Renita and Pam had driven around the area and placed posters about the event, (Pam and Roy, are from Iowa and also sell Roy's work at an art coop in Bentonsport, Iowa).
We arrived early, seven am, and soon Sue, Pam and Roy  carried in their supplies and arranged their tables. Sue crafts teddy bears, that she hand knits!  Pam and Roy also grind rocks and make their own style of jewelry.
Art returned with a new batch of his maple syrup, and he also had brought a slide show, demonstrating how he collects and boils the maple sap turning it into liquid ambrosia, (maple syrup from his Michigan land).
Evelyn paints, using watercolors for her medium, and she usually concentrates on birds and wildflowers. One of her works caught our eyes, a beautiful kingfisher, and so we had to purchase it! Diana crafts bracelets, silver wear holders, and other items, and we were happy to have her in the show.
For the first year, there were no quilters on display and one of our quilters who had committed had just left for two months in Florida. Another table, occupied by two sisters, sold flags and bead kits, (I am amazed at how small the beads are that they use to string into a picture). If I tried it, I would have beads all over the floor!
So the show was a success, because people enjoyed talking and sharing their passions, and even sold some of their work. Allowing them to buy more supplies! It also reminded us of all the friends that have shown in years past, we miss them all! Finally, we would like to thank Blue Lagoons for allowing us the space to hold the show. Clear skies

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