Monday, February 18, 2019

Valentines Party, and Getting Out Fished By a Bird

Another crazy busy week and I hardly know where to begin. One day Roy and I went kayaking in the Sail Boat channel, another day saw all of us at the beach at Padre Island, and Valentine’s Day ended with a feast prepared by our friends Zeta and Alan!

The fishing has been poor. Roy, Terry, and I decided to try the Sailboat Channel near Aransas Pass. We unloaded our kayaks and started at the place where Terry, Renita and I had caught fourteen keepers, just the week before. Unfortunately, the fish had moved.
We did get a chance to watch a rosette spoonbill feed and we had small baitfish take bait after bait, so after an hour we moved to a second spot. There we caught several small red fish and a stingray, which is never fun to take of a hook when you are sitting in a kayak.
Another day found us at Padre Island National Seashore where we were joined by Pam and Roy’s friend, Chris and Michelle. No matter how hard we tried we only caught two small fish.
The first one was a nice grunt but when I took it off the hook and tossed it behind me, a great blue heron landed and grabbed the fish. It flew a little further away and then swallowed it whole!
We did find a few shells and I spotted a starfish that had been washed ashore. Renita took it up to show the ladies before she safely released it back into its home, (it is against the law to keep living creatures).
Renita did catch a whiting, but the Great Blue landed near us and caught a larger one that it again swallowed whole, (barely).
A few days later Valentines day arrived and the long-awaited dinner in our rv park.
Alan is an accomplished chef and he smoked and cooked prime rib for everyone in the park. It is the fifth year that Alan and Zeta have prepared the feast and as always, it was excellent!
The weather has continued to be windy and cold and so we are now hunkered down, waiting for a break. Perhaps then the water will warm up and the fish will start to bite.
Still it has been a good week as we had fun and haven’t had to endure in bitter cold and wade through heavy snow. Clear skies

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  1. These birds need to be great at catching they can't go to the store.