Sunday, August 18, 2013

Flaming Gorge, Sunsets, a Red Moon, and Kokenee

We needed to head down to Flaming Gorge as we still had unfinished repairs to our boat. Of course we hoped that all would go well and we would have some time to catch a few kokenees, (a landlocked sockeye salmon).

The drive was pretty quick, only two hundred miles, which took us five hours, (did I say we were pulling our house and had a pass to cross). Overheating we stopped one time and while the truck was cooling off I found some rock to add to our weight.

Still we arrived at our campsite and after setting up went and got the boat from storage. Now we had already spent one day working on it and so the plan was to figure out a way to raise the motor all the way up so we could add trim fluid to the trim unit.

The problem is that the motor weighs almost seven hundred pounds and while I slowly jacked it up I realized I needed a motor hoist to be safe. Just as I was getting ready to drive to Rock Springs my neighbor Virgil came over and we discussed my repairs. Turned out he had a motor hoist with him and it was just what I needed.

Quickly raising the motor I was able to access the fluid fill bolt hole, (yup to add fluid you must completely raise the motor, good design), and adding a little fluid the trim responded. It did take several attempts before it worked but man we were happy as the nearest outboard Yamaha mechanic is in Salt Lake City,(over two hundred miles).

Of course we had to check it out and so we launched and headed to the nearest hotspot. We missed two fish before connecting with a nice Kokenee and a fresh salmon dinner was assured. Fishing several more hours, without a bite we still enjoyed the quiet day on the water.

That evening we were treated to another beautiful sunset and a red moon. Both were the result of the fire east of Salt Lake City and while beautiful they still tell of the deadly conditions there. Tomorrow we hope to spend more time on the lake and maybe catch a few more fish. Still it doesn’t matter as the fishing is always great, even if the catching isn’t. Clear skies

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