Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer Shows are Over and the Road Beckons

We had the last show of the summer, a local show at our RV Park, and so it’s time for the last flurry of doctors and packing and putting stuff away. Now we are not leaving for another month but still time flies and it flies faster as you get older.

There is actually a date looming ahead, October 14th, and on that date we have an appointment to get our fifth wheel rebuilt. So this means we have to completely empty it, haul it to Indiana, and take a mini vacation away from our home.

So little by little we are going through the cabinets and storage and emptying everything that we have not used in the past year. It is truly amazing how much stuff one can pack into a fifth wheel and I am not talking or counting just the rocks!

To help with the removal I built a storage patio sofa/ storage bin. It was really cheap to construct as I was able to use materials left over from the shed/studio construction. Attempting to find an outdoor chair cushion, Renita looked up home improvement stores in Jackson Wyoming and her apple phone showed a Menards there. Well after driving the fifty miles we found out there is no Menards in Jackson, Wyoming. Why we ever trust the Apple phone I will never know. Suffice it to say I am going to get another brand when I switch to a smart phone, (and I finally see the need for a smart phone).

So doctors and dentists and repairs are in our near future, and maybe a little fishing and rock hounding. We are both looking forward to finishing here and to heading back down the road. The condition called hitch itch is becoming more pressing every day, (hitch itch is wanting to head out for new adventures). Clear skies

ps the wags in the park kept coming by and asking me when I am going to finish the coffin

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