Monday, August 19, 2013

Renita's Fish

When we go salmon fishing we have a three strike rule. It goes like this. We set out the poles and then take turns whenever any pole gets a bite. You get three chances to catch a fish and then you are out and it’s the other persons turn. So everyone in the boat gets a chance for a nice fish,  or a fish anyway.

It was Renita’s turn as we started trolling along the cliffs and we missed a bite with no hook up before the rod went off and she was onto a kokenee. It was a pretty nice male and it was starting to turn red. As I netted the fish I quickly put it on ice and returned to the stern to rebait and lower the down rigger.  It was now my turn.

Shortly after dropping the ball to almost sixty feet deep the pole went off and now it was my turn to catch a nice red prespawner. It was another nice fish and Renita gave me a high five. I also knew she was quietly celebrating as it was her turn again and so we continued our routine trolling along the edge of the drop off.

The sun got higher and no more fish took our offerings. Almost all of the other boats had left and so I decided to head for another spot nearer to a place called the Breeze, aka Breeze Hill. While we were seeing quite a few fish we were frustrated as they would rise up to the dodger and lure and then refuse the bait.

So we kept after it and a pole actually released! Renita was onto a big fish and she expertly fought it in. We both were rewarded with the sight of a really large red Kokenee vaulting into the air. It was one of the largest kokes we have had on and a truly beautiful fish.

Trying to escape, the fish made a run for some depth and threatened to get tangled into both of the motors.  Renita skillfully worked it away without the hook pulling out. Still I was really worried that the hook would pull out of its soft mouth but it neared the boat again and I was able to slip the net under the fish. It was ours!

Icing the fish we returned to our troll and we found a school of smaller fish. We missed several bites before adding two more to the cooler. These would be great for a fresh salmon dinner as I had planned on smoking the larger fish. The school stopped biting and moved so as it was getting pretty warm we decided to call it a day.

What more could we ask for then five nice fish and one of Renita’s biggest Kokenee? I was sure to measure it, at the cleaning station and its length was slightly over twenty four inches. It had been a great day and it’s always a pleasure to fish with her as she drives the boat as well or better than most people! It was great to see her land such a nice fish! Well done.  Clear skies


  1. Ohh - smoked salmon - yum. Good fishing! - C

  2. Another great fish tale. How big was Renita's?