Saturday, July 5, 2014

A quiet Fourth at Star Valley

Our usual Fourth of July now means that we avoid the crowds as much as possible. We have a show next weekend and still have cabochons, pendants, and bracelets to make/replace from the Alpine show. So as we were sitting inside  Renita suddenly yelled out, " Look its a parade!" Sure enough the Rv Park was having a Fourth of July parade and the decorated golf carts and bikes were lining up in front of our lot.
So we waved and cheered as the floats went by and many even threw candy and beads at us, (we still have plenty of beads from Louisiana). Everyone seemed to be having fun and that's really what it is all about.
Later we were told that the one with the hats won first place. So things settled down for the rest of the day until a weather warning was issued for high winds and lighting as a front was soon to pass through. I warned several neighbors and of course the storm never happened as it dissipated when it ran into the mountains.
That evening we waited for the skies to dark and we both remembered the fireworks we didn't see when we were in Alaska. It was just to light. Here the options were to sit here or to drive to Jackson and fight the crowds, so we stayed put.
Surprisingly there were actually some fireworks visible as we could see them exploding above Thayne and Freedom. Renita, of course tried to take some images and they turned out good for such a small camera.
We ended the evening watching more fireworks on the tv and it was a good and quiet Fourth. Hope you had a good day also! Clear skies

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