Sunday, July 27, 2014

Etna Artists Show

Ever since we started doing shows we have discovered that there are shows every weekend. We only do about five shows a year so when we decide to do a show we have to look at several factors before we make a commitment. First of course, is how much it costs. Next, we have to look at the distance we have to travel. Finally, we have to make a guess on the intangibles of whether or not the people that show up are serious collectors and are willing to spend on our lapidary and wire art.
Last year we heard of the Etna Wyoming Artists Show and while we thought about exhibiting we simply did not have enough time to get ready for it. This year we applied early and so yesterday, along with other crafters and artists, we set up in the Etna Community Center.
The show opened to a trickle of people and we all waited for the rush. Instead the trickle continued and we talked with the other vendors about all the other shows going on that weekend. Still it gave us an opportunity to show off our pieces and cabochons and so we relaxed. The show was only four miles away from our rv park and it was relatively low in cost.
Lunchtime came and went and the trickle almost stopped. For a while we wondered if we would have any sales. A gentleman showed up who, it turned out was a descendant of one of the original settlers of the town and he talked of his days as a surveyor in the Star Valley area.
With an hour to go another trickle started and we had another sale. It was a small sale of a couple of Montana Sapphires, and they were the first we had ever sold for our friend Dick. Nearing the end of the show a person showed up and asked if we had any Wyoming jade. When people ask for specific stones like jade,  its usually good as we have a bunch of Wyoming jade. The customer bought a set and told us it was a present for a person in another country!
The show closed and we tore down and loaded the truck. We ended up ahead on the show and we had met quite a few new people. Contacts are always good and showing our work allows us to show the quality of the stones and wire jewelry we make. So in the long run its like everything else in life, you have to pay your dues if you expect things to work out. Oh and most importantly we did have fun. Clear skies

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