Friday, September 12, 2014

Colors and Cats, A trip to Matt and Pattys

Its almost time for us to leave, before the snow traps us in the high country. We still had several trips we wanted to make and so we first headed to Matt and Patty's house, to say good by for another winter. The trip there was full of color as the maples have turned to the bright reds and yellows.
So not a lot to say today just lots of images and colors we don't see in Eastern Wyoming as maples are absent there. You might alos n otice that the aspens haven't even thought of turning but they should soon,  Oh and finally there is no doubt about who rules Matt and Patty's house. The dogs are outside and the cats well the image of them on their thrones tells the story.
Clear skies


  1. we miss the changing colors in the fall, but not the raking. Hope you made it out before the snow. C

  2. Mark!! WOW....those photos of yours from the autumn foliage up on the mts. are gorgeous!!!! Sooo close and the colors are getting better and better. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

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  3. I just added your blog to my "blogroll". Hope you don't mind!!

  4. Beautiful, but sure is time to head south.