Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Colors, Getting Ready for the Winters Journeys

The signs of the coming fall are all around us. Every day the trees are turning into bright reds and yellows.  Another day I spotted a giant caterpillar looking for a place to build its cocoon. The final sure sign of fall here is that the peaches have been arriving and the time to buy the sweetest ones is right now, after the first of September.
In the winter and spring we fill the freezers full of shrimp and ocean fish and feast on them till they are all gone, In fact we just finished the last of the red fish the other night. Now its time to fill the freezer with the plentiful fruit and so we bought a box of fresh and sweet Utah peaches.
Never having done this before meant it was time to look up freezing peaches on the Internet and then to frantically head off to town to buy the supplies we needed. The toughest thing to find was fruit fresh but I finally found some and bought the last bottle within twenty miles!
Heading back home we got everything ready and then blanched peeled and sliced them into segments. Next we tossed them in the fruit fresh solution before packing them into vacuum sealer bags, (the vacuum sealer we bought in Alaska has worked great keeping all our fish and shrimp tasty and has protected the food from freezer burn).
The next step was to take the unsealed packages to the freezer as the sealer won't work right until the peaches, and the liquid in the bags, are frozen enough for the machine to work. Finishing up we packed away an entire box, (a peck), of peaches.
So we have added ten quarts of peaches to our frozen cherries, rhubarb, kokenee salmon, and homemade service berry jam. Now its time to make some sugar free peach jam and taking my sisters advice we decided we will make freezer jam. I am afraid its going to be a sweet fall and winter. Oh well we can always diet next spring! Clear skies and beautiful sunsets.

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