Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Gateway Arch, on the Way to Iowa

We left Ogallala with thoughts of petrified wood dancing on our heads, (ok we are the first to admit we are dancing to a different tune). As we crossed eastern Nebraska we passed under the Gateway Arch Exhibit and decided to take a break, eat lunch, and walk through the exhibit.
Soon after entering we purchased our tickets, ($11 bucks each senior rate, yikes), and were each handed a walking tour headset. After one of the"sheriffs"explained how to use it we were up the stairs and off on the self guided tour.
Now in fairness, I thought the exhibits gave a good explanation of some of the the pioneers trials and pitfalls as they journeyed across the country. I had to laugh at the one exhibit where the husband is whipping the oxen while the wife pushes the wagon. I am sure Renita would have soon figured out a reversal of roles.
Outside the Arch way several exhibits depicted a ceremonial lodge, metal stands of buffalo, and a nice trail to stretch and walk while taking a break form the highway. I thought the lodge was an interesting exhibit especially since we have come across tepee rings and large stone rings, (ceremonial lodge bases), while rock hounding in the deserts and plains of Wyoming.
Now we have been very fortunate to travel throughout the west and have actually visited all of the stops depicted along the walkway. With that in mind, I might recommend the stop for someone that is just starting their first journey out west, but twenty two dollars is a lot of money, for what we saw, (remember we collect rocks while living full time in a fifth wheel and people often shake their heads when they hear what we do). Clear skies

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