Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Breakfast At the Cafe Des Amis


I went upstairs to wake Renita, but she was already awake from the alarm clocks ring. Five am is early and I was surprised she was up, but we were leaving at six am and the thought of dancing to Zydeco, after eating breakfast was simply was not to be missed!

It was a forty five minute drive to Café De Amis and we were the first in line. Others soon arrived and finally the band arrived and hauled their sound system and instruments inside. At exactly seven thirty we were allowed to enter after paying the cover charge, (deducted from the meal).

Jim ordered everyone an order of beignets and so we ordered breakfast after the band begin to play. The dance floor filled up and it seemed normal to watch dancers and clap to the music at eight am. I ordered eggs and bodain while Renita had the omelet and both were as exceptional as the music!

After breakfast we both went and danced and the music and gyrations were about as good as an aerobic exercise as one could get at so early in the morning. Returning to Betty’s we rested before getting ready for the days happy hour.

On Saturday were scheduled to show our jewelry and cabochon collection, and it was so much fun to be able to talk with Betty and the others as they admired our collection. Unexpected shows are sometimes the best and we had a great show during happy hour.

So it was business as usual at Betty’s, fun business, that is, and the place lived up to its theme. Let the Good Times Roll! Thank you Betty! Clear skies

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