Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good Times at Betty’s Rv Park, Abbeville, LA

There is no other RV park like Betty’s. As soon as you arrive you are surrounded by other rvers who come out and meet you and of course invite you to happy hour. There Betty goes through the adventures that that are available and most bring a snack that turns into dinner.

The first day’s adventure was a free concert in the Abbeville Town Square. There we sat with our new friends, and some long time ones, and listened and danced to Zydeco. It was a true reminder of what Louisiana is all about, and a reminder of how blessed we are to be full time travelers.

The next day Jim and Nancy took us to Avery Island and the Tabasco factory, where we watched the sauce being bottled. After the tour, (did I mention the aroma was as you would expect?) we went to the tasting store where we sampled a lot of the different verities, including Habanera. With my mouth on fire they also provided Tabasco flavored spicy ice cream in of course, chocolate and vanilla. It was excellent!

Leaving we drove by two islands of nesting roseate spoonbills and ended the day with a crayfish and shrimp boil. Betty had brought out newspapers and after covering the tables we all dug in. I personally ate three pounds of the mudbugs and Renita tried them also, along with an order of boiled shrimp. It was by far the best crayfish I have ever eaten.

The day came and our new friend Donna Lin brought out her cabochons and wire wrapped jewelry. Her work is exquisite and her stones and necklaces show her outstanding eye for color. She is one of the finest wire wrappers we have had the pleasure to meet.

So the night finally ended and of course tomorrows activities are already planned. First thing is breakfast with a live zydeco band followed by our own little show, as Betty kindly asked us to show off our cabochons, necklaces, and wire wrapped art.

Like I said, there is no other place like Betty’s! Clear skies

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