Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 1st 2012: Seward

August 1st, 2012: Seward

At 5:40 am, the ships foghorn blew a long and powerful blast. It almost shook the fifth wheel and we were both wide awake. Renita said that it must be a cruise ship and before it could sound its warning again we were both looking out of the side window as the large white ship stopped and turned around.
Yesterday we had left salmon camp for Seward. Of course the low coolant warning light came on but after pulling over it went out and it continued intermittent for the rest of the trip. I did stop and let the engine cool but the level seemed ok, and the oil looked clear of coolant so on we drove.
It rained all the way and so it was a wet drive, broken up by construction. No wildlife appeared although there were quite a few cars and trucks parked at a salmon viewing area overlook.
Too crowded, we couldn't stop and park and so on we went.
The engine temps stayed cool, well normal anyway so the miles passed until we entered the city of Seward. It a long narrow city sitting between two looming walls of mountains formed when a glacier carved its fiord to the sea, before melting at the end of the last ice age.
There were lots of places to park, with electricity and water and so we splurged and camped with hookups at thirty dollars a night,(we are in the Ressurection City Campground). We are in the caravan parking area so we can only stay here until a big caravan of rv's comes in the eighth but we had planned on five nights here so its cool.
Today we are going to visit the Sea Life Center and try to book a day cruise to the Kenai Fiords National Park and its glaciers. We haven't really had any reservations this trip as we are to disorganized to follow any set script.
Another trip we want to make is to drive to Exit Glacier, which is about eight miles from our campground, again on Resurrection Bay. Hopefully the skies will clear for the next couple of days, although August in Alaska is normally the wettest month. Clear skies

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