Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 24, 2012: Decision at Cache Creek

So the decision was should we go east from Cache Creek or should we head down Fraser Canyon. Milepost suggested/warned that the Fraser Canyon drive had curvey and narrow roads. So we just about decided to take the easier but longer route east on Highyway 1 to Kamloops and then down the four lane highway to Hope.
Luckily we decided to head down the canyon and if you ever come this way drive the canyon. Milepost should add the following caveat, "If you have driven on the Top of the World Highway go where ever you want to, it will be easier".
So we headed down the beautiful canyon and marveled at the white water rapids. A bighorn sheep appeared alongside the road and the tunnels added their charm to the delightful drive. Renita finally filled her memory card, her total for Alaska is now about four thousand images, and so she grabbed another new one and finally got it in the camera's slot.
I tried to view as much as I could and so I slowed down. It was ok as the road has numerous passing lane segments and no one seemed too concerned. It was busy but still the traffic was pretty light compared to what waited for us at Hope.
The drive was mostly a long long downhill, amybe the longest I have ever been on but it was managable by downshifting and using our good brakes.The tunnels were all named and Renita snapped each ones image as I reminded her to take off her sunglasses.
Soon we reached Hope and then merged onto Trans Canada One West and the joy of the dirve left me. So much traffic and so many trucks and they all took any further fun from traveling down the Gold Rush Road.
Still I would drive the drive again, and I would never drive this way north up the long long pull. Crossing the border we got into an hour long jam that wasn't helped when a waiting car caught on fire. Once we reached the Border Guard he quickly passed us through and Renita found a really nice campground in Lynden.
The plan is to rest here. a couple of days and then head east for Wyoming. Then its time to renew my liscense and make our last doctors appointment for this year. We are both glad to back in the lower forty eight and its time to make our route and how to dodge the forest fires as we head back. Clear skies


  1. Welcome back to the lower 48. We have enjoyed all your blogs. Safe travels.

  2. Oh good - three new episodes! - C