Monday, August 27, 2012

August 25-26, 2012: Lynden and then Southeast to Sunnyside

We decided to rest in Lynden for a couple of nights before heading on the last leg to Wyoming. I was tired of driving and we needed to buy some meat as we are kind of tired of fish. We also wanted to contact our daughter who lives in/near Tampa Bay and is preparing for Hurricane Issack.
So we called her and of course she has everything pretty much under control. I don't know where she gets her planning abilities from, probably from both of us as we have always insisted that one should have a plan.
So today we headed out. The sky was crystal clear on Saturday and we could see Mount Baker, but today the haze had moved in and Rainer was obscured. So we drove to Seattle and then headed east on Interstae 90. The roads here are so much better then up north but there are lots more people and more tax money to fix them.
Lots of trees and lots of traffic. The road climbed up Snoqualmie Pass and of course the truck got hot. It cooled off, after we crested out and I thought we were ok until the low coolant light came on. So we pulled over and let it cool off and I was able to add some more coolant,(there is not sign of any leak anywhere).
Continuing on everything was ok for quite a while and then the low coolant light came on again. The temperatures were all fine and so we kept on . We did a few more hills and then the light went off!! Totally confused but thats the way it has been since Homer.
Turning south on Interstate 82 we had Manastash,(or something like that anyway its a big anticline as are all the ridges), Ridge to climb and it was a repeat of the same things. So we let it cool off a bit and then the low coolant light went off and all was normal,(a weird air lock perhaps). I could see the fluid level was ok so we continued on to Sunnyside, Washington where we found a cheap campground for tweleve bucks a night.
Tomorrow its south to Oregon and then east on Interstate 84. We have about seven hundred miles,(1142 kilometers), until we reach Star Valley, Wy. There we plan on sitting for about a month as we get caught up on stuff we need to do. Clear skies

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