Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 31st, 2012: Leaving Salmon Camp

We all gathered for the Class of 2007 Salmon Camp pictures. It has been really great to spend time with Sandy and Steve and Sandy and Mike and we look forward to seeing them down the road! So we hooked up and pulled the fifth wheel all the way to Soldotna, where we needed to take care of some items.
There we found a nice park set up and got to our tasks. I helped Renita get the laundry going and then headed back to start smoking some salmon. Now I don't have a smoker but I do have a grill and so I thought I would try to see if it would work double duty.
Brining the fish the night before, I placed the fillets on a rack and placed them in my home made setup. Using some suggestions from Mike and Steve I put the charcoal and wood chips in a aluminum pan and get everything smoking.
Four hours later the fish was ready, so we made some salmon pate and had a simple dinner of fruit, smoked salmon, and a salad. Not sure how healthy it is due to the salt in the salmon but it turned out great!
Our final item of the day was to go to Walmart, in Kenai and get some testing items for Renita. That taken care of we have all the medical stuff we need for the rest of the northern trip and don't have to worry when we cross Canada.
So now we have a new way to prepare fish on our travels and a smoker that doesn't take up any more room,(the wood sides are from the blocks I use for jacking and blocking up the fifth wheel). Topped with a cookie sheet and its good to go. Tomorrow its off to Seward. Clear skies


  1. I had seen someone make a smoker out of an aluminum garbage can but yours won't take up any space - awsum! - C

  2. Glad to see the smoker worked out,keep checking G sales, Mike